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Session 3 GameDesign


Make a generator in Unity. For the purposes of this assignment, a generator is a toy (ie. is "playable," but need not have explicit game mechanics) that assembles or creates something via code (that is, procedurally.)

I would like your generator to have some visual component, be it 2D or 3D, but you can also generate text or sounds to go with it if you're feeling ambitious.

Try to induce apophenia -- can you make something that conveys an emotion you didn't explicitly design into the generator yourself? (Faces are great for this since we have a part of our brainbasically dedicated to this, but there's lots of ways to approach this. If you generate a still life of objects on a nightstand, what does that say about the person who sleeps next to them?)Abstraction is your friend here.

A good example of a simple generator is Generate A Cat. It's not too hard to conceptualize how it works: it grabs randomly from a pool of pieces (eyes, nose, mouth, etc.) and rotates, moves, scales, and tints them. Even though it's simple, the variety of cats (and the range of emotions we ascribe to them) is greater than the sum of its parts!

The course repository has a well-commented example of a simple Unity generator in the week-03-generators folder. Be creative and don't use this code verbatim!

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